Data Privacy FundamentalsThis course will review theories of data privacy as well as data privacy in the …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 16:06:54
Responsible Reporting on Suicide for JournalistsResponsible Reporting on Suicide for Journalists is designed to give working journalists and students who …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 16:04:29
Outbreaks and EpidemicsProfessional epidemiologists are often called on to investigate outbreaks and epidemics. This course serves as …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 16:02:18
Working with the MediaIn this course, you will learn about branding and the role of public relations as …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 15:57:08
Introduction to Public Relations and the MediaThis specialization is ideal for learners interested in how to practice public relations and branding …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 15:55:19
Writing and Editing: Structure and OrganizationThis course will help you become an effective architect of information, both with your sentences …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:53:30
Business WritingThe principles you’ll learn in this course enable you to become a great business writer. …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:48:21
Advanced WritingThis is the third course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. By raising your level …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:39:55
Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word OrderThis course will teach you how to use your written words to become more persuasive. …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:36:15
Creative WritingThis course covers elements of three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:30:27
Good with Words: Writing and EditingThis course targets the writing side of becoming good with words. The skills it focuses …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 15:25:11
Visualization for Data JournalismThe purpose of this class is to learn how to think about the visual presentation …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 15:14:10
English for Media LiteracyThis course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in learning more about …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 15:11:37
What Is News?This course will guide you through the basic elements of professional journalism and the news …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 15:09:06
Film, Images & Historical Interpretation in the 20th Century: The Camera Never LiesThis course is a short taster on the topic of the use of images and …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 15:03:45
Digital Media and Marketing PrinciplesIn this course, you will learn about the impacts of digital technologies on marketing communication …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:53:17
Making Sense of the News: News Literacy Lessons for Digital CitizensThis course will help learners develop their critical thinking skills to enable them to better …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:49:51
Effectively Delivering the News to Your AudienceIn this course, you will learn the process, planning and requirements of how journalists develop …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:47:49
Gathering and Developing the NewsThis course will teach you where to find information, skills needed for interviewing and how …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:44:57
Storytelling in Branding and Content MarketingThis course analyzes the production of quality journalism and explores how to create memorable and …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 14:41:32
Journalism, the Future, and YouIn this course, you will explore areas such as international correspondence, self-publishing, and freelancing in …2022/08/31Career2022-08-31 14:36:50
Transmedia StorytellingThis course will help you to design a strategy for developing and telling your own …2022/08/31Writing2022-08-31 14:34:45
English for JournalismThis course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in developing the skills …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:32:06
Become a Journalist: Report the NewsThis course will develop and enhance your understanding of the global field of journalism. You’ll …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:29:56
Investigative ReportingThis intensive course will help you take advantage of Internet sources such as court cases, …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 14:25:58
Multimedia StorytellingThis course will empower you to transcend words and take your audience to the heart …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 14:21:40
Safety and SecurityThis vital course teaches you how to protect yourself and your news organization from hacking, …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:11:26
How to Verify Information AccuracyThis course shows you time-saving methods to help verify the authenticity and accuracy of images, …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 14:06:59
Environmental JournalismThis course teaches tools that a journalist can use to find and report on stories …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 14:04:25
Business ReportingThe tools in this course will help business journalists research companies, import company data to …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 14:01:31
Using Google TrendsUse real-time search data to track topics and spot emerging trends with the free Trends …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 13:58:08
Storytelling with Google EarthThis course teaches journalists how to use Google’s geo tools to tell engaging stories across …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 13:55:06
Election CoverageIn this course, we will look at tools to help you find, visualize and protect …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 13:51:14
GNI LiveGoogle News Lab is running a series of interactive online trainings on YouTube Live. Click …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 13:48:11
Google Podcasts ManagerLearn how to use Google Podcasts Manager to better understand your listeners and reach them …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 13:44:24
Digital Journalism FundamentalsThis course teaches skills every journalist needs for reporting in the digital age. You will …2022/08/31General Journalism2022-08-31 13:40:55
Hands-on Machine LearningThis course teaches journalists how to use Machine Learning for their reporting. You will learn …2022/08/31Journalism Specialties2022-08-31 13:35:14
Military Job Boards & Skills TranslatorsThis one-page guide from American Corporate Partners lists reputable military- and veteran-oriented job boards and …2022/08/29Career2022-08-29 16:41:21
Data Journalism with Microsoft 3652022/06/10Journalism Specialties2022-06-10 14:14:00
How to Get A Job & Succeed in Interviews2022/05/17Career2022-05-17 17:37:23
Memoir Writing2022/04/22Writing2022-04-22 19:16:00
Getting Hired with POLITICO2022/04/15Career, General Journalism2022-04-15 17:41:36
Entrepreneurial Journalism Workshop with Anika Anand2022/03/08Journalism Specialties2022-03-08 19:43:00
Entrepreneurial Journalism Workshop with Professor Paul Glader2022/03/08Journalism Specialties2022-03-08 19:38:00
Entrepreneurial Journalism Workshop with Paul Szoldra2022/03/01Journalism Specialties2022-03-01 19:46:00
The Art of Writing 19:30:00
Sports Reporting with Scooby Axson2022/02/26Journalism Specialties2022-02-26 19:49:00
Writing for The War Horse2022/02/09Career2022-02-09 17:44:03
Standing Out in the Media Job Market2021/10/26Career, General Journalism2021-10-26 18:32:55
New Tools for Journalists2021/10/26General Journalism2021-10-26 13:26:00
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Six Ways to Succeed on LinkedInWith a little bit of effort and consistency, LinkedIn can help you get a job, …2021/03/07Career2021-03-07 17:47:17
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